Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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    The Ads That Made Us: Drinking, Drum solos, and Dreams of the skies

    Whether it’s a childhood jingle that you can still sing word for word, or a campaign that influences the way you work today, everyone has an ad that has really stuck with them.

    Mediaweek has been asking the industry to take a trip down memory lane, to find out all about the ads that made us.

    Naomi Gorringe – head of consumer media, Southern Cross Austereo

    Drinkwise – kids absorb your drinking

    “Before I worked in media I spent many years in creative agencies and an ad that had stuck with me is one I worked on circa 2008.

    “Now that I am a parent, it hits harder and keeps popping back into my head whenever I’m around my kids and alcohol. I know they are watching what I do and forming their attitudes to alcohol now. The insight was true, it was beautifully executed, it made people think and is influencing my behaviour many years later.”

    Stephen Fisher – managing partner, Hatched

    Cadbury Gorilla

    “I mean, really, does it need any justification at all? It is one of the all-time great pieces of visual creative advertising, coupled with one of the all-time great songs. I remember that absolute WTF moment the first time I saw it; the camera panning back – Phil Collins, Gorilla, Drums – my mind trying to catch up with what’s happening. And then heading straight to YouTube to watch it again and again.

    “Does it make me want to buy a bar of chocolate right away? No, not at all. But it connects me with something nostalgic and brings a smile to my face, as I prep myself to bash out those air drums. Every. Single. Time.

    “For me it’s an ad that transcends advertising, it’s pure entertainment.”

    Nat Harvey – national sales director, Seven Network

    Qantas – I Still Call Australia Home

    “Gosh, I can’t even watch any of the versions without getting watery eyes. Every iteration perfectly capturing the incredibly unique locations and culture of Australia and our desire to travel to all corners of the world. I don’t think there is a better creative idea that has stood the test of time and can continue to do so for many, many years to come.”

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    Top Image: Naomi Gorringe, Stephen Fisher, Nat Harvey

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