Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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    Brands and agencies are turning to attention metrics to drive better business outcomes

    Gone are the days when viewability sufficed as a primary currency — the unit of value — for buying and selling ads. Instead, brands are moving toward establishing attention as the new currency as a part of an industry-wide push for measurement tools that focus on whether someone had an opportunity to absorb an ad’s message. While viewability tells advertisers that their ads were in a consumer’s view, it doesn’t provide much beyond that, but attention shows how engaged a consumer was, how they interacted with that ad, etc. 

    For advertisers, attention has the opportunity to enhance their outcome-driven media buying. Instead of acquiring media solely based on impressions or reach, they can make purchases by gauging attention generated by an ad campaign. 

    One issue with attention measurement is that not everyone defines it the same way, which could be one reason why it’s taking a bit longer for wide adoption. 

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