Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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    Australians back the Matildas on the field – and on Instagram

    AI analytics platform HypeAuditor has released new data detailing the Matildas’ Women’s World Cup journey on social media over the past four weeks. The Matildas impressed fans all over the world with their spirit and their game throughout the World Cup, gaining 486k new followers on Instagram, a spectacular growth of 344%.

    The national team’s Instagram account was diligently managed throughout the tournament generating an Engagement Rate (ER) of 11.87%. ER on Instagram shows how good the quality of the posts is and how well an account interacts with its followers.

    A good Instagram engagement rate is between 2-3% and anything above 3% is considered high engagement.

    If it felt like the entire nation has been cheering on the mighty Matildas over the past month, it was reflected on social media as well, with 1,016 influencers sharing a total of 1,613 posts mentioning and tagging the Matildas on Instagram alone, reaching over 65 million people. The Instagram posts amassed a combined total of 2.7m likes and 25K comments which is a clear indication of how passionate and engaged fans were and how much the Matildas have won over our hearts.

    Alex Frolov, CEO and Co-Founder, HypeAuditor said, “The Women’s World Cup has been a phenomenal global sports event and people around the world have rallied behind their respective country’s team in every way they could, which included showing their love and support through social media. Fans and supporters were not only cheering on from stadiums or from their couches, but they were also cheering from their social media accounts like Instagram.

    “Social media has democratised global sports events like the World Cup making them more accessible for all to enjoy, to be part of the action and interact with their favourite teams and other supporters. Social media platforms bring fans and supporters together and provide an avenue for teams to give back to their fans and supporters”.

    The players also significantly grew their personal Instagram accounts throughout the World Cup. While Mary Fowler experienced the highest percentage growth in followers, gaining 174,413 new followers, team captain Sam Kerr is way ahead the rest of the team with the most followers at 1.6 million. She gained 339,750 new followers on Instagram in the four weeks of the World Cup, turning her into a mega influencer.

    International soccer star Sam Kerr could be raking in between $5.9K and $8.1K per sponsored post, or more, given her status.

    Below are the Top 10 growing Instagram accounts from the Matildas:

    Hypeauditor Matildas Instagram

    “There is no doubt that social media has become an imperative must-have tool in sports marketing. As this World Cup has shown, social media has the ability to supercharge fan engagement and build a strong sense of community and loyalty. It expands reach and exposure, creating great opportunities for powerful and high-impact collaborations for brands,” said Frolov.

    Globally, the Matildas gained the most followers during the World Cup. Global teams Instagram account follower growth as below:

    Hypeauditor Matildas Instagram

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