Friday, September 22, 2023

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    As Apple enters the VR headset market, brands take a wait-and-see approach

    Marketers tend to love whatever the latest shiny new thing is, but after investing quickly in NFTs and the metaverse some say they plan to take a wait-and-see approach to Apple’s Vision Pro virtual reality headset.

    Marketers say they’re captivated by the headset’s potential, and they’ll have to wait until next year for its official launch of course, but the lackluster results from jumping quickly on recent trends might make some marketers more cautious about doing so again this time around. At least, that’s what marketers from brands like Tetris, Sprite and Hasbro said during the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas earlier this month.

    “Right now, we’re not usually the first person to jump in and try something,” said Casey Collins, Hasbro’s president of licensed consumer products. “We sit back and we might be next or the one after that so the team right now is just doing more fact finding.”

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