Friday, September 22, 2023

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    Why Unity Technologies is leaning into AI as economic headwinds pick up

    As the hype around artificial intelligence reaches a fever pitch, executives at Unity Technologies are finding themselves at the center of the storm. They believe that AI can multiply revenues across all facets of their popular game engine — including Unity’s in-game ads business. In fact, they say it already has.

    Over the last few weeks, leaders from across the gaming industry have spent hours extolling the virtues of artificial intelligence for game development, with Nvidia’s stock price skyrocketing on the back of a May 24 earnings call brimming with AI hype. As one of the largest gaming companies listed on New York Stock Exchange, Unity Technologies also leaned into AI during its May 10 earnings call, with Unity CEO John S. Ricciatello stressing Unity’s “competitive advantages in and around AI.”

    Earlier this week, Digiday caught up with Ryan Peterson, Unity’s vp of accelerate solutions, to talk about his company’s plans to use AI tech to improve its ad offerings and game development tools.

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