Friday, June 9, 2023

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    Why some advertisers are reconsidering old school marketing channels

    In light of the digital boom, online advertising costs have gone up and data privacy initiatives have obscured measurement, rendering the current digital ad landscape expensive and murky.

    As a result, some startup advertisers are returning to traditional ad channels, like direct mail and out-of-home billboards, with an eye on diversifying their media spend and discovering new ways to get in front of shoppers. 

    “There was way too much of a shift one way [toward direct response marketing] with this promise and belief of a silver bullet that everything was measurable, we’d be able to create hyper-personalized [ads],” said Julie Levine, svp of strategy and comms planning at ad agency Barkley. Per Levine, digital ad solutions and vanity metrics weren’t actually the silver bullet some in the industry were looking for, bringing brand awareness and traditional channels to the forefront for those looking to reach a massive audience. 

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