Sunday, June 11, 2023

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    At the Senate’s first AI hearing, lawmakers and OpenAI, IBM execs weigh risk and regulation

    To illustrate the dangers of generative AI, Sen. Richard Blumenthal began yesterday’s Congressional hearing about AI oversight with something unexpected from a top government official: A deepfake audio recording of himself talking about the risks of AI and the need to regulate it.

    The AI-generated clip was based on recordings of Blumenthal’s floor speeches and then scripted based on asking ChatGPT how he might open a hearing about AI regulation.

    “Too often, we have seen what happens when technology outpaces regulation,” Blumenthal’s AI-generated voice said. “The unbridled exploitation of data, the proliferation of disinformation and the deepening of societal inequalities. We have seen how algorithmic biases can perpetuate discrimination and prejudice and how the lack of transparency can undermine public trust. This is not the future we want.”

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