Monday, June 5, 2023

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    Meta unveils generative AI tool for Facebook and Instagram advertisers

    Facebook parent Meta dipped its toe into generative AI this week by announcing AI Sandbox. Advertisers can use it to create alternative ad versions, use text prompts to generate backgrounds and crop images for Facebook or Instagram ads.

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    What it does. It lets advertisers: 

    • Create different versions of the same ad copy for different target groups, while maintaining the main message. 
    • Generate different assets for a campaign with the background generation feature.
    • Crop images to adjust visuals for different formats, such as social posts, stories, or short videos like Reels.

    AI Sandbox is available to select advertisers at the moment with expanded access in July.

    Why we care. Meta is lagging in the AI publicity wars and knows it. The first sentence in the AI Sandbox announcement is, “Since the earliest days of News Feed in 2006, we have used machine learning and AI to power all of our apps and services, including our ads system.”

    Last September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered his top execs for an extended meeting on this. “We have a significant gap in our tooling, workflows and processes when it comes to developing for AI. We need to invest heavily here,” wrote new head of infrastructure Santosh Janardhan, an attendee. 

    Zuckerberg seems determined to put his foray into the metaverse behind him and is spending billions to catch up with AI. If it makes life easier for marketers, we’re all in favor of it. 

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