Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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    This week’s new AI-powered martech products, platforms and features

    Here is a roundup of the AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week, grouped by function. 

    Why we care. Artificial intelligence (AI) is sprouting everywhere in marketing technology. While it has been a part of many products for some time, ChatGPT’s launch made the topic white hot. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day. 

    Customer experience

    • Webex by Cisco is adding AI to Webex Campaign and Webex Contact Center. Campaign now allows marketers to get five personalized email subject line suggestions based on the information the user provides about a campaign. New Contact Center features include: Topic Analysis aggregates call transcript data from the contact center and models trends succinctly for business analysts; Agent Answers listens and acts as a real-time coach for the human agent, surfacing knowledge base articles and helpful information.
    • Five9’s Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary summarizes customer call transcripts in seconds, yielding a rapid time to value by reducing manual, after-call work.
    • NICE’s Enlighten Actions combines its proprietary AI for customer experience and OpenAI’s generative models. It takes unstructured data and generates easy-to-understand, actionable, brand-specific outputs.
    • CallMiner has added AI-powered redaction and summary tools. The redaction tool ensures both voice and text-based records are protected as defined by PCI, PHI and PII security standards. The summary tool uses AI  to condense voice and text-based interactions into a short summarization and uncover unknown insights. It also reduces after-call work for agents, improving agent satisfaction and increasing summarization quality. 
    • InMoment has added the ChatGPT-powered Smart Summary Generator to its Experience Improvement platform. The new feature turns hundreds of pieces of individual and discrete feedback into easily consumable short, structured paragraphs, identifying the most important topics and trends.
    • Qualified’s Qualified GPT adds a number of features. These include: Sending engagement prompts to website visitors that meet ideal customer profiles; enhancing reps’ dialogue in a conversation; turning notes or bulleted lists into messages; generating AI-powered recommended conversation responses; recommends or makes website text changes based on visitor data.

    Dig deeper: Using AI to improve customer experience and customer journey orchestration

    Campaign/Content optimization

    • BrandMuscle’s BrandMuscle.ai generates contextually relevant social media posts, emails and campaigns. It also delivers hyper-personalized marketing deployment recommendations by leveraging historical data, third-party market intel, and behavioral insights to provide intelligent guidance to channel marketers and their affiliates.
    • Instreamatic’s Contextual Audio Ads lets advertisers generate fully-customized creative content relevant to the listener’s specific context and environment.
    • Sprinklr’s Sprinklr Social includes publishing, engagement, and reporting tools integrated with OpenAI’s generative AI models to help enterprise social media teams create better content faster while using fewer resources. 
    • Attentive’s Attentive AI powers Magic Message, which leverages generative AI for content creation, and Automated Campaigns, which automatically creates full, multi-channel campaigns using anonymized insights from the highest-performing marketing moments across Attentive’s customer base.
    • Syndigo’s SmartPrompts accelerates content creation for product detail listings.
    • Dubb’s Interactive Reaction Assistant can be used “to brainstorm marketing ideas, conduct research, and even write complete blog posts.”
    • IZEA Worldwide’s A.I. Storyboards uses AI to let marketers quickly create images to previsualize and share influencer marketing content ideas for brainstorming and pitching ideas internally.

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