Friday, June 9, 2023

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    Email creation platform Stensul expands its offering to landing pages

    Stensul, the platform that promotes rapid and collaborative creation of emails, has announced that it will now support similar processes for landing pages. The Stensul Landing Page Builder is now available within the Stensul Creation Platform. This is part of a strategic expansion of Stensul’s capabilities into assets other than emails.

    The Builder is based on templates and no-code modules allowing non-technical staff to collaborate on landing page creation. Stensul is emphasizing that this is not a repurposed email creation tool but a separate solution.

    Why we care. The trend is for vendors who built their business on offering solutions for niche parts of the customer experience to seek its broader application. We have already seen vendors offering sophisticated email content capabilities pivot to offering those capabilities to experiences beyond email. Stensul’s territory is creation rather than content, but it makes sense that the Stensul platform would look to support creation and collaboration in other areas.

    This reflects, of course, the need for marketers to think and strategize across multiple channels rather than one, no matter how important the email channel might be.

    Dig deeper: Stensul is first email creation platform to integrate with Pardot

    Marketo Engage integration. Stensul’s email creation capabilities have for some time been integrated with Adobe Marketo. It’s now announcing an API that will allow users within Stensul to embed Marketo forms in landing pages and upload the HTML to Marketo Marketing Activities with a single click.

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