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    24 must-know Pinterest stats for marketers in 2023

    Pinterest is a visual platform great for many different industries and types of brands. However, to make the right decision on whether Pinterest is for you, it’s a good idea to take a look at some Pinterest stats.

    However, if you already have a presence on Pinterest, your own Pinterest analytics can be even more important than platform statistics. According to Sprout Social’s Index, 60% of organizations are using their own social data on a daily basis to help make informed decisions.

    Throughout this article we’ll cover Pinterest statistics from all categories: usage data, user statistics, demographics and more.

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    Pinterest stats every marketer should know

    1. Pinterest is the 15th most-used social media platform

    When it comes to users, Pinterest is the 15th most popular social media platform worldwide. The first four are, of course, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

    While Pinterest may not be as giant as some of the other social media platforms, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. In fact, we have one compelling reason to have a presence on Pinterest as our next stat.

    2. 45% of US users have an income of over $100k

    Pinterest is a platform that’s perfectly poised for social commerce. Because nearly half of the platform’s users have an annual income of over $100,000, they’re ready to buy when they browse the platform for products.

    3. Pinterest generated $877 million in revenue in Q4 of 2022

    Pinterest’s Q4 is often its best quarter of each year, with it outperforming the first three quarters of the next year for the last three years in a row. The platform also generated $2.5 billion in revenue throughout the whole of 2021.

    Pinterest is a profitable platform, which means it’s likely a stable platform. It’s a good idea to invest in a Pinterest marketing strategy so you can take advantage of this platform.

    4. Pinterest has the highest ACSI score

    ACSI is the American Customer Satisfaction Index. And from July 2021 to June 2022 Pinterest had the highest score with 76/100, tied only with YouTube. It’s good to hear that a platform you’re investing time (and potentially ad money) into has a highly satisfied user base.

    Pinterest user statistics

    5. Pinterest has 450 million monthly active users

    Pinterest has nearly half a billion monthly active users. This is a small fraction of Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users, but Pinterest is steadily growing year after year (we have a stat for that, too).

    6. Pinterest sees a 7.5% year-over-year growth

    Pinterest has a healthy growth rate of 7.5% each year. It’s the third fastest-growing platform right now, behind Snapchat and LinkedIn. Facebook is still growing, but at a rate of 1.6% each year, and YouTube and Instagram are both losing users.

    7. 84.6 million users are located in the U.S.

    If you run a U.S.-based business, Pinterest might be a great option for you. The U.S. audience is by far Pinterest’s largest, with 84.6 million of its 450 million users located in the U.S. (18.8%).

    The next four most popular countries for Pinterest are as follows:

    • Brazil: 28.05 million users
    • Mexico: 19.45 million users
    • Germany: 15.88 million users
    • France: 10.65 million users

    Pinterest usage statistics

    8. 80% of users say Pinterest makes them feel positive

    The vast majority (8 in 10) of Pinterest users get a positive feeling from using the platform (no wonder it’s so high on the ACSI scale). 9 in 10 users also call Pinterest a social media oasis—whereas only 3 in 10 users say that about other social media platforms.

    There are so many benefits of Pinterest, but the fact that its users are happy and at peace has to be a major one.

    9. 85% of weekly users have made a purchase from Pinterest pins

    Pinterest users are shopping on the platform—a whopping 85% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on a pin they saw from a brand. Creating boards that feature your products can help you get them in front of even more users, increasing the chances someone makes a purchase.

    10. 85% of Pinners use the platform to start a new project

    85% of users say they hit up the platform each time they’re going to start a new project. This might be for DIY inspiration, products to use or instructions on how to do something. But Pinterest is the place they go. Use this knowledge to your advantage when creating and sharing Pins.

    Pinterest audience and demographics statistics

    11. 76.2% of users are women

    More than 3 in 4 users are women, with 17.2% of users men and 6.6% of users unspecified or another gender. If women are a big part of your target demographics, Pinterest is the perfect platform to find them.

    12. Pinterest’s biggest audience segment is women aged 25-34

    The largest portion of Pinterest’s audience is Millennial women aged 25-34, with that segment accounting for 28.5% of its global audience. The second largest segment was women aged 18-24, taking up over 18% of the user base.

    13. Pinterest has 23 million Gen Z users

    According to projections done in 2020, the platform should have around 23 million Gen Z users this year, accounting for around 5% of its entire user base. This is up from 16.4 million in 2020, so more and more Gen Z consumers are joining the platform.

    Pinterest advertising and marketing statistics

    14. Pinterest delivers a 32% better ROAS than other platforms

    Pinterest ads have been shown to deliver a 32% higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than other digital platforms. This is especially the case with ads in the food or health and beauty industries. Get more bang for your buck by promoting Pins on Pinterest.

    15. There are more than 5 billion monthly searches on Pinterest

    Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. And this is proven by the massive 5 billion monthly searches that occur on the platform. Pinterest SEO is a big part of success—using keywords in your pins, boards, profile and more. This can help make sure your pins show up better in search results.

    16. Brands see 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion

    Get a better ad performance than you do on other social media platforms. Pinterest ads generate a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion than other social media sites.

    Pinterest traffic and engagement stats

    17. There are 945.3 million monthly visits to Pinterest

    Pinterest received nearly 1 billion monthly website visits in May 2022, making it one of the more popular websites in the world. This means its users are visiting the site an average of 2+ times per month.

    18. 44% of Pinterest’s web traffic comes from the U.S.

    The U.S. is Pinterest’s most popular country, so it makes sense that nearly half of that traffic is coming from the United States. The next four countries that visit Pinterest.com most often in order are Brazil, India, Argentina and Colombia.

    19. 97% of searches are unbranded

    Nearly all searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means people are searching for things like “brown sofa” or “floral wall art” rather than specific brands. This presents a great opportunity for your brand to be discovered. Pinners aren’t loyal to a single brand and instead are hoping to find new brands and products they can buy from.

    20. Pinterest has one of the longest post lifespans

    Most social media platforms have lifespans for their post that last only minutes to hours, depending on what time they are posted. However, Pinterest pins can have a lifespan of six months to a year. This means people can still see your pins months after you’ve shared it, creating a really stellar organic ROI.

    Pinterest stats for business

    21. Pinterest is the 5th most popular social commerce platform

    The top five most popular social media platforms where online shoppers are most likely to make a purchase are:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • Messaging apps
    • Pinterest

    This means your brand should be taking advantage of social selling capabilities on Pinterest so you can increase the number of conversions you receive directly from the platform.

    22. 80% of weekly users have discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest

    Pinterest is the perfect platform for businesses to get discovered. 4 in 5 users have found a new product or brand on Pinterest, likely resulting in a purchase or a follow. Promote your products on Pinterest to increase the chances that you reach a new audience member or potential customer.

    23. Shoppers on Pinterest spend twice as much as shoppers on other platforms

    Pinterest users spend 2x as much when shopping on Pinterest than they do when shopping on other social media platforms. This makes Pinterest an ideal platform for products with a higher price point, like furniture and designer clothing or accessories.

    Don’t be shy about putting your products out there when it comes to Pinterest. Demographic data shows that Pinterest users have a higher income and are spending more on their shopping sprees.

    24. Brands using a Pinterest Catalog get 5x more impressions on their products

    If you needed one more reason to convince yourself to take advantage of Pinterest’s social selling tools, let this be it. Brands that set up their Pinterest Catalogs receive five times more impressions on their product pins than brands that don’t.

    Use these Pinterest stats to inform your strategy

    If these stats tell you anything, let it be that it’s time to get your social selling strategy set up. Learn how to sell on Pinterest so you can start generating even more sales and conversions through your chosen social media platforms.

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