Saturday, January 28, 2023

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    ChatGTP to support digital experience analytics

    Digital experience analytics platform Glassbox has announced that it will integrate ChatGTP with its digital experience analytics platform. This will allow users to gain insights by asking questions in their native language and having ChatGTP respond. ChatGTP is an advanced conversational chatbot engine from OpenAI.

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    The aim is to improve the accessibility of the data and insights Glassbox generates to support optimization of digital experience and the customer journey. Glassbox works across web and app properties to provide visualization of the customer journey and surface opportunities for enhancement.

    Why we care. An early hint of a trend? Especially with various open source alternatives to ChatGTP in development, it’s easy to imagine integration with this kind of dialogue engine going very quickly from an unusual add-on to table stakes.

    And not just for digital experience analytics, of course. The use cases for a robust, reliable version of ChatGTP in a martech stack seem almost limitless (OpenAI is still beta testing). Glassbox may be the first DX platform to offer a solution of this kind. It won’t be the last.

    Citizen analysts. This may also bring about the opportunity to create “citizen analysts” alongside citizen developers. “The integration of ChatGTP into Glassbox will allow everyone in a business, regardless of their level of data fluency, to get specific and relevant data in seconds,” said Glassbox CTO Yaron Gueta in a release.

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