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    7 Tips to Use Google Advertising to Grow Your Business

    There are several ways for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, both traditionally and digitally. The pandemic forced the growth of several industries, prompting them to market digitally. They had to improve their SEO, websites, and online marketing to keep up with their competitors.

    Traditional advertising has its merits, but the pandemic kept people at home. As a result, businesses made more money from digital platforms and shops visited by said prospects.

    One of the ways that you can grow your business is through online advertising, which can be daunting for beginners. However, what if we told you that there’s a user-friendly online ad tool you can use? It’s a platform that’s easy enough for beginners to learn on their own and master. That tool is called Google Ads, and you’ve probably heard of it somehow.

    That’s why we’ll talk about Google Ads can help you grow your business. While there are several other tools out there for digital marketing, you can start with Google Ads. And if you want to expand further, you can consult professionals who know their way around the industry.

    Google Ads Services

    Defining Google Ads

    Before the name change, Google Ads was known as Google AdWords. It’s now an excellent way to reach out to prospects and customers and establish web-based revenue. It’s been around for almost two decades, so it has better authority when it comes to paid advertising.

    Not to mention, billions of people enter search queries on Google daily, making it an excellent place to post ads. You won’t be pushed to the bottom by your competitors because you’ll be paying for a spot. Hence, when prospects enter a related query, they can find your products at the top of the results.

    The problem is that launching a Google Ads campaign can be daunting because of the technicalities. The program itself is easy to learn, but professionals will tell you how to make the most of it. You can devise strategies for utilizing the program effectively to grow your business. Meanwhile, here are some tips that will help you lay the foundation for your marketing strategies.

    7 Tips to Use Google Ads to Grow Your Business

    #1 Utilise their PPC Planning Template

    The planning stage is one of the most important parts of the marketing process. It has to be organised and managed properly to get to the final stage. Google offers a PPC kit complete with a planning template for Google Ads users. This is also used by Google Ads providers for their marketing stages and strategies. That way, they can have a systematic way of managing and overseeing ads and their platform.


    The planning template also allows you to see how your ads will appear online and how many characters you have. And the best part is that it can be a central place to manage your ad campaigns. It’s a must-have for anyone using PPC and Google Ads to grow their business.

    #2 Think From the Customer’s Perspective

    A way to use Google Ads effectively is to think of your approach from the customer’s perspective. Ask yourself what keywords they often use in search queries related to your industry, and then implement SEO strategies for that keyword search.

    If you’re just getting started, you can have something general to reach your target audience. Then you can narrow it down to something more specific as you reach your audience. It’s a kind of filtering process that will constantly improve over time, effort, and observation.

    The point is that choosing the right keywords is essential to an ad campaign’s success. With proper keywords, your target audience can find your services or products easily online. And you’re on the first page of Google as an advertiser, so you’re considered a reliable source. They are more willing to try your services if they are on the second page of the results.

    #3 Justify Your Ad Spend

    Something to keep in mind is that your ad spend is justified by the number of clicks it receives. And you can do that by having your ad match the searcher’s intent. The keywords you’re bidding on should match your headline and ad copy. And to add icing on the cake, the solution you’re marketing with the ad needs to solve the user’s problem.

    Justify Your Ad Spend (1)

    That way, your content is worth the clicks users are giving it, which means more authority. As your reputation online grows, you won’t need to be paid ads as much as when you started. You can focus your efforts on social media and more trending digital marketing strategies. Hence, as it yields desired results, you’ll be allocated resources elsewhere.

    Google Ads will allow you to create multiple ads per campaign, which is useful for split testing. You can learn which ads perform best and what aspects of the ad made it more effective than others.

    #4 Take Advantage of Local Geography

    This tip is best applied if you provide products and services in a local region or location. For example, if you have a physical store, use local keywords to reach your region’s audience. This will help your customers come across your business’s ads online more easily. And this allows you to reach your business’s highly-targeted customers in your region.

    You can save money because the ad won’t pop up in general searches. For example, if a customer is too far away to visit your store, they won’t see your ad. Only prospects who add phrases like “near me” or the name of their town will see them.

    #5 Set a Clear Goal or Objective

    Goals are vital to getting something done because they serve as a guide. And conversion is the goal of every business, but how about thinking of the big picture? Overall, what are your business and advertising goals? Once that is clear, you can create a more concrete action plan for your campaign.

    For example, you sell vintage-style pendants, and your business goal is to sell 20,000 units this year. And for your advertising goal, you could go for a buy-one-get-one-free promotion for teens. 

    You can then use Google Ads’ granular targeting to reach those prospects. Once you’ve set your target audience, you can wait and expect users to pour in. Of course, this is if your website is also considered credible by Google.

    #6 Avoid Spreading Yourself Too Thin

    If your business is still in its early stages, it’s best to prioritize the most profitable demographic. You can also focus on the market area or product, then go all-in on a specific keyword. That way, you can get the most out of your budget rather than spending it on 40 random keywords.

    The method is known as Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) and it’s the best way to target specific customers. With how many keywords there are in one group, there’s no way you can write an ad that caters to everyone. For example, if you manage a tire company, you have several kinds of products. And you enter keywords like “green tires,”  “women’s tires,”  and “tiny tires.” But the problem is, your ad won’t have enough room to show all those options.

    When the user enters their query, they’ll only see “Winter Tires” and might not click on it. They’ll keep scrolling until they find the link that explicitly has the keywords and link they need. For example, they were looking for women’s tires, but your ad says “Winter Tires,” despite catering to women. 

    By being more specific, you also clarify what products or services you offer. Clients will understand that you’re offering exactly what they’re looking for because of the keywords. 

    And to get started on SKAG, you have to look for a medium-traffic, low-competition keyword. Remove “green tires” and “tiny tires” from the keywords and stick with “women’s tires.” Then you need to highlight that term in your ad headline so searchers can find it easily.

    #7 Let Automation Do Its Magic

    You can maximise your conversions by using Google Ads because of the automation feature. AI might be incapable of coming up with grand advertising strategies but it has other perks. Machine learning has helped decrease the workload for different industries. And it can do the same for advertisement by increasing or decreasing bids for you.

    PPC Automation

    Automation takes into consideration everything from the funnel stage to your competitors. It also considers relevance and keywords in the process. And when your ad has the best chance of success, it increases the bid! It can also drop the bid when your competition is set on winning. That way, you won’t be wasting your time and cash needlessly.


    Businesses have been forced to evolve because of the pandemic, going beyond traditional means. With the rise of online shopping, digital marketing has the potential to be at the forefront of marketing efforts. People are buying things online more than ever, so companies that grow are left behind. Every industry has made its move, so it is up to the store to take the next step.

    One of the ways to get into digital marketing is through Google Ads, which is a beginner-friendly program. It can help you post ads that can reach your target audience based on keywords. Professionals and Google AdX partners can help you get the most out of the program. You’ll be able to build your online reputation until you don’t need to invest in PPC as much anymore.

    But it’s important to keep in mind that you need goals to create a solid advertising strategy. That way, you won’t be spreading yourself too thin when entering keywords or bidding. A method like SKAG will be a big help if you want to focus on a specific target audience. And the AI in Google Ads will help automate some aspects of your advertising program, like bidding.  If all else fails, you can consult a professional so you can make informed decisions in the process.

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