Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Channel 4 offers UK staff reproductive health and hormone testing

    Channel 4 is partnering with Hertility to begin a trial offering reproductive health and hormone testing to its employees, in what is believed to be a first for any major UK broadcaster. 

    Channel 4 has united with women’s health company Hertility to give employees access to an NHS-approved health assessment and blood test which can screen for reproductive health issues.

    The ‘at home’ blood test can highlight why someone may be struggling to conceive, or where a hormonal imbalance may be causing a wellbeing issue. It will clarify what healthcare steps should be taken next, and will guide people to specialist care. 

    Employees will also be offered a series of educational workshops which will focus on different reproductive health issues and hormonal wellbeing. 

    In addition to helping women who plan to have children, Hertility can also screen for 18 health conditions such as polycystic ovaries or endometriosis, as well as assessing the onset of menopause. 

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    Since 2019, Channel 4 has led the way in committing to support women’s health and the wellbeing of staff, launching menopause, pregnancy loss and parents and carers policies.

    “We are incredibly proud of this innovative new partnership with Hertility, made possible by the fantastic work of our 4Womxn staff network,” said chief executive Alex Mahon. 

    Deirdre O’Neill, Hertility co-founder added: “This partnership is not just a landmark for Hertility and Channel 4, but for all women worldwide. Until now, workplace benefits may be fertility or menopause friendly, but being a Reproductively Responsible employer, means fully supporting employees across every life stage, from menstruation through to menopause. We’re so proud to be pioneering real change and to be partnering with such a forward-thinking company like Channel 4, that is not just talking about equality in the workplace but actually taking action to make it a reality.“

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