Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Pete Davidson & Manscaped wish us all ‘Season’s Groomings’

    How could you, Santa?

    Manscaped is decking the balls (sorry, couldn’t resist) with a new holiday ad featuring actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

    The ad — titled ‘Season’s Groomings’ – opens with Davidson opening gifts on Christmas morning, sitting beside his mom, Amy, on the couch. She hands him a final present: The Manscaped Performance Package 4.0. Davidson is thrilled, until he realizes that the The Lawn Mower 4.0 – an electric shaver whose purpose you can probably guess – is missing from the kit. He then notices a handwritten note, sitting beside an empty glass of milk, a half-munched Christmas cookie and the rogue Lawn Mower: “Dear Pete, may you have a Merry Christmas and a smooth new year.”

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    Davidson lifts up the the plate, revealing a pile of trimmings of curly white hair. His eyes follow a trail of Santa’s pubes all the way to the fireplace. He shouts in disgust, dropping the plate and letting it shatter on the floor.

    “This spot speaks volumes about the true nature of the partnership between Pete Davidson and Manscaped,” Marcelo Kertész, chief marketing officer at Manscaped, said in a statement.“In a funny but authentic way, it shows how we ended up coming together.”

    He goes on to explain: “Not many people know, but in real life it was Pete’s mom, Amy, that introduced him to the brand, giving him a Lawn Mower as a holiday gift. We just had to add the Santa cameo to it – a comedic spin on art, once again, imitating life.”

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    Manscaped in July announced a four-year partnership with Davidson – presenting him as “the new face, among other parts” of the brand.

    The brand is known for its outlandish, borderline controversial marketing stunts; in May, it launched an out-of-home ad campaign in two Manhattan railway stations centering on the tagline ‘Big groomed energy,’ or ‘BGE’ – a play on the popular slang term ‘Big dick energy,’ or ‘BDE.’

    The new 30-second spot from Manscaped launched today on streaming services, nationwide TV, and the brand’s social media channels .

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