Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    Banished from Celebrations, the Bounty bar strikes up a new friendship

    Bounty, the Marmite of the chocolate world, is the focus of a polarizing Christmas campaign by Mars Wrigley as it seeks to find a new home for the ostracised treat.

    Unceremoniously kicked out of selected Celebrations tubs, the homeless Mr Bounty is shown settling in with an elderly woman who takes the divisive confectionary brand under her wing.

    The multinational food giant has anthropomorphized its coconut chocolate bar to tug on the heartstrings of consumers to help #BringBackBounty.

    The treat-lovers can show their support by bringing Bounty out from beneath the shadow of the more popular Snickers and Maltesers brands.

    Pushed out by public distaste, the least appetizing Celebrations treat is ranked alongside the hated Brussels Sprout, sparking a ‘Lonely Bounty’ campaign as the public turned sour on the sweet.

    In the aftermath of this rejection, a dejected Mr Bounty is shown heading off for a life of solitude before striking up an unlikely friendship.

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    Emily Owen, Mars Wrigley’s head of Celebrations festive cheer, said: “Bounty has always been a divisive presence in the Celebrations tub, but no matter which side of the debate you stand on, our film teaches an important lesson; you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We’re urging fans who want to keep Bounty in the tub to show their support with #BringBackBounty before we make our final decision on whether Bounty-less tubs are the future of Celebrations.”

    A tongue-in-cheek swipe at saccharine John Lewis ads, the tear-jerking episode has a happy ending when Mr Bounty is reunited with his Celebrations stablemates.

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