Monday, December 5, 2022

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    Agency leaders debate: how to build the perfect agency worker

    In the first of a new series of debates brought to you by The Drum Network, we ask: does the perfect agency worker exist, and where can you find them?

    Perfection in any field is impossible, but that needn’t stop us from chasing it. Since marketing agencies are only as good as the people who comprise them, finding and developing the very best is a top priority.

    Perfect talent aligns with the work on offer, so this is a question intimately related to where the industry finds itself now and where it’s heading next. When we gathered three top agency leaders to debate what top talent looks like to them, the discussion naturally led to agencies’ shifts to more purpose-driven work and strategic briefs.

    And since perfect people don’t exist, our group also discussed approaches to building teams around ideas of cohesion, diversity and group creativity.

    We were joined in this session by:

    • Hannah Kimuyu, managing director, performance, Brave Bison

    • Julio Taylor, chief executive officer, Hallam

    • Jon Greenhalgh, managing director, Adapt Worldwide

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