Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Connecting 300 creators and beyond: how brands and influencers can play the scale game

    2010s-era YouTuber and entrepreneur Caspar Lee knows all too well the frustrations of the world’s biggest creators and brands. Here, he announces what his agency is doing to help with its new app Wave for Creators. 

    Marketers are increasing their creator marketing budgets yearly, with forecasters predicting that 2023 will see creator marketing budgets increasing by 18% to a whopping $32.5bn. But, as more and more brands deploy bigger budgets into the creator marketing space, both they and the creators they work with are going to be hit with the challenges of scaling. 

    Creators are human; they provide audiences with trusted and deeply authentic peer-to-peer recommendations via incredibly creative content.

    For brands without the right technology and infrastructure to make it all work at scale, this can be a minefield to navigate – especially as we’re seeing some brands collaborate with over 300 creators on a single campaign. Meanwhile, for creators, the time that could be spent building the next viral campaign is sucked up by boring admin. 

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    Making Waves

    That’s why, in an industry first, has created a new product that closes the creator marketing loop, uniting both sides of the creator economy. Waves for Creators, launching on the App Store today and previewing to the digital marketing industry live at Web Summit in Lisbon this month, provides creators and brands with an end-to-end campaign activation flow synced directly to’s brand platform Waves for Brands.

    The app allows creators to upload and manage content for brands to approve in less than a second, drastically reducing the time to get a campaign live. Creators are notified when content has been approved by the brand and is ready to go live, and both parties can track real-time campaign performance metrics, making it easier to conclude and measure each campaign. 

    For campaign managers and creators, this means a slicker and more accurate approval process, removing the need for back-and-forth emails, Google Drive downloads, ‘Final Final’ file versions and urgent ‘IS THIS APPROVED?!’ WhatsApps. With the time earned back, creators can spend more time building their future personal brand strategy and business. It’s a win for all. 

    To increase the amount of business they can win, creators can download custom media kits to showcase their personal reach, stats and content style in one consolidated place directly. Media kits can be personalized with content relevant to specific brands, downloaded and shared live. Future innovation by the team means that in the future, creators will be able to share special life moments via the media kit, such as getting married or having a baby; information that will make them more discoverable to brands. 

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    Connecting better

    Creator Luke Vernon, who has almost 2 million followers on TikTok and was recently named as Best Content Creator 2022, cited the app as a “game-changer for creators” that is “designed to save time and improve the overall experience of working on a campaign.”

    The evolution of our business is realized through the innovation we bring to the industry, and Waves for Creators is our way of further encouraging and facilitating the connection between brands and creators. Too many partners in the industry focus on just one side. For creators, the app is game-changing, transforming how they work with the world’s biggest brands and dramatically reducing the time it takes to deliver content. For brands, it allows them to manage their approval process with speed. And for both parties, the data that we will see off the back of this new app will dramatically impact their strategies going forward.

    Waves for Creators is now available to all active creators in the creator network.

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