Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    5 things consumers will expect from brands in 2023

    If you haven’t considered privacy, storytelling, or representation in your content marketing strategy, Digital Ethos’ Liam Thornton is here to break down why you should.

    1. Consumer privacy will be a priority

    2022 has seen a rise in cyber attacks, with users’ private information and data being leaked. A survey in the UK found that 39% of businesses had reported a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.

    A business’ customers must feel safe that their data is not being sold to third parties and that companies they interact with have measures in place to avoid cyber-attacks. In 2023, it is predicted that marketers will bring their attention to tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to secure user data. 

    If used correctly, these implementations will push businesses a cut above their competitors as strong cyber security will boost trustworthiness and strengthen customer retention.

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    2. Storytelling as a valuable sales technique

    Otherwise known as ‘storyselling’, this technique uses the power of persuasion. It is vital to consumers becoming invested in a business. We are predicting 2023 to be the year that businesses fully get on board with this technique.

    To execute ‘storyselling’ successfully, the sales journey must be viewed as having a beginning, middle and end. Case studies are a must.

    Potential customers need to see consumers just like them experiencing an issue that can be solved by the business’ product or service. Much like implementing cyber security software, the use of case studies will boost a business’ trustworthiness to gain and retain customers.

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    3. Representation and inclusivity

    While the basic acknowledgment of under-represented consumers is more than just a trend, 2023 will see more businesses addressing marginalized audiences. A business that is marketed as for everyone and not just the few will ultimately do better than businesses which haven’t yet held themselves accountable.

    Brands that are hands-on with diversity and inclusion provide a welcoming environment for consumers. This will resonate with marginalized audiences. Additionally, diverse representation will increase online ad recall by consumers, and spark conversation about your business.

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    4. SEO will be boosted by voice search techniques

    Thanks to Alexa and Google Home speakers, natural conversation between a user and a search engine to find information or services has become a popular method of information seeking. For example, ‘Who is Liz Truss?’ will provide the user with information from the former prime minister’s Wikipedia page to answer the user’s query. Question-answering content will flourish in 2023 as a conversational marketing tactic to drive traffic to a website.

    Voice search is often used by people with disabilities such as visual impairments. Tapping into this technique is equally beneficial for businesses as part of their inclusivity efforts.

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    5. Strong influencer relationships

    Research shows that word-of-mouth, essentially consumer recommendations, is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Customers trust a product if someone they know recommends it to them.

    Influencers have huge followings and are subsequently paid to promote a brand’s product to their audience. The potential numbers the brand will receive as an audience do the talking. This technique will skyrocket in 2023.

    Remember to match the right influencer audience to the right product and develop a long-term relationship with the influencer to nurture authenticity. 

    New and increasingly unique content marketing trends continue to gain traction in 2022. That’s why staying alert to their potential can make a huge difference in how you research your current or potential customers.

    Contact us for strategic creativity to deliver you a tailored marketing strategy to help your business thrive in an ever-changing digital world.

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