Monday, December 5, 2022

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    Podcast: Who leads the creation of a great employer brand?

    With the talent crisis still biting, employer branding is an undeniable growth area in the industry. The dream is that it can overhaul talent attraction, retention, and even productivity. In this episode, we gather top-level practitioners to ask: is it really possible to change these things quickly? And how will smart employers start to improve their work in this space?

    Senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe speaks to Catherine Fallon, partner & head of engagement and change at Emperor, and Emma Tolhurst, executive director of brand-led employee experience at Landor & Fitch.

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    The panel discusses:

    • What do we mean when we talk about ’employer branding’, and how does it differ from simple reputation?
    • Does a good employer brand transcend age groups and demographics? How do you tailor an employee brand to younger people, for instance?
    • What are the best methods you’ve found to establish an employer brand – and to maintain it once it’s established?
    • How do you measure the effectiveness of an employer brand?
    • Finally, is creating an employer brand a collaborative process between C-suite and employees, a top-down decision, or a mix of the two?

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