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    Christmas 2022: watch all of the latest ads

    Welcome to The Drum’s Christmas campaign round-up for 2022. Here you’ll find all the latest ads from around the world.

    The festive season is upon us as brands have begun to release their Christmas ads earlier than ever.

    Online retailer Very was, once again, quick off the mark with an upbeat short that played into its eagerness

    Sadly, amid global economic uncertainties, the usual celebrations will look starkly different for many people this year. According to industry experts that The Drum spoke to back in September, brand campaigns must mirror the upcoming frugal festive period if they don’t want to seem grossly out-of-touch. 

    Here are all the best spots so far from major brands. 

    October 27 

    TK Maxx: Nail Christmas for Less by Wieden+Kennedy London



    This fun ad from TK Maxx tells the story of Sam, a woman who absolutely nails her gifts this Christmas. After being praised by a family member, Sam then goes on to create a frenzy in her hometown, with many people looking to congratulate her for her successful shopping spree. 

    It’s soundtracked by Cerrone’s 1977 hit ‘Supernature’ and is the seventh time Wieden+Kennedy London has worked with the retailer. 

    October  27 

    Dobbies Garden Centre: Dobbies, Where Great Value Comes to Life by Elvis



    This magical spot from Dobbies sees a sparkling Christmas bauble being watered, which brings it to life and spreads festive joy across the garden center. 

    As the ad continues, viewers see a jolly Santa Clause, a cozy family wearing Christmas jumpers and a huge tree adorned with decorations and gifts. 

    October 24 

    H Samuel: Unwrap the Sparkle by Bulletproof

    This TV ad from British jewelry chain H Samuel begins with a glimpse of presents under a Christmas tree and a family excitedly waiting to open them. As they begin to pass the gifts around, viewers see each person open them to reveal a piece of sparkling jewelry, from a gold chain to a watch, and even a ring as a surprise proposal takes place beside the tree. 

    October 18

    Ocean Spray: Power Your Holidays by Orchard Creative

    Ocean Spray introduces its infectiously wiggling cranberry jelly as the most powerful party guest in the house. In the ad, viewers see the humble berry go from a traditional side dish to a bold center-stage star in this light-hearted spot.

    It begins with bored dinner guests all sitting around a beige-looking spread, but when the bright red accompaniment is brought out the mood begins to change. As the jiggly cranberry jelly wobbles on the table, the guests mimic the movements in a hypnotic way.

    October 15 

    Wish: Forced Smiles by Whale

    This fun holiday ad from e-commerce platform Wish taps into the relatable scenario of receiving a gift from a loved one that you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen for yourself. 

    In the spot, viewers see a man being gifted with a tennis-racket-shaped present, leading to him putting on his best forced smile to appease his family.

    A Wish portal then opens above him and different items from his wish list begin falling into his living room. One of those items is a set of bagpipes that land in his arms, giving him the gift he really wanted and igniting a genuine smile.

    October 13

    Very: Gifts For All Your Christmasses by Grey London

    Very was the first UK brand to release its festive campaign this year. The film plays up to the earliness and begins with a mother looking at the camera and stating that: “Christmas isn’t just one day, it’s lots of days” as her family exchange gifts.

    As the video continues, viewers see the woman watching her partner put their decorations up during the autumn months in what she calls ‘early Christmas.’ She then attends a karaoke-themed office party at her ‘work Christmas,’ celebrates ‘birthday Christmas’ with her kids and continues the festivities on ‘Boxing Day Christmas.’

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