Monday, December 5, 2022

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    PolyientX launches self-service NFT platform

    Next month, Web3 tech company PolyientX will launch a platform designed to help creators without a coding background or knowledge of NFT technology deliver rewards to customers. Rewards will include not just NFTs but other valued items like merchandise, digital goods and event passes through a custom-branded interface.

    There are plans to add further reward types and customization options following the platform’s release. PolyientX describes this as the first platform of its kind.

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    How does if differ from no code NFT generators. Given the availability of no code generators for NFTs, we asked Nick Casares, head of product at PolyientX, what differentiates this offering.

    “While most no-code solutions focus on helping marketers launch NFTs,” he said, “the PolyientX platform allows marketers to add utility to already launched NFTs. Brands are creating NFTs designed to unlock utilities like redeemable merchandise, event access and exclusive discounts. Adding these types of utilities is outside the purview of most no-code solutions and typically requires custom development.”

    The platform is also designed to address three specific pain points, he told us:

    1. Educating customers and consumers about NFT technology.
    2. Collaborating with customers to create an authentic NFT strategy.
    3. Sourcing the technology partners to execute their vision.

    “NFTs are becoming more mainstream, but the technology is still immature,” Casares said. “Successful marketers are investing the time to educate themselves and partner with best-of-breed technology providers to help clients deliver NFT projects as the Web3 space grows.”

    Why we care. Seems like just yesterday that NFTs (along with Web3 and the metaverse) were weird and wonderful things just out of sight over the horizon. But the future arrives fast. Not only are we seeing imaginative adoption of NFTs by marketers and a growing range of use cases; we’re already seeing opportunities for non-developers to create and customize NFTs.

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