Monday, November 28, 2022

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    Captain Morgan tells fans to ‘Spice it up’

    The rum company’s new tagline is unveiled alongside four new TV spots, all of which aim to position the brand as youthful, fun-loving, and slightly mischievous.

    Captain Morgan is back on TV with a spicy new tagline.

    The 78-year-old liquor brand is telling its North American audience to ‘Spice it up’ in four new TV spots. Each of the fifteen-second spots feature hip, young people  playing sly, subtle pranks and tricks on one another – like leaving the door to a bar wide open so the patrons wearing Los Angeles Rams jerseys can freeze in the cold, and sliding a shot of Captain Morgan across a bar to prevent a woman from drinking a shot of another, less tasty booze. 


    The ‘Spice it up’ tagline is designed to imbue Captain Morgan with an air of exciting possibility while also giving a nod to the brand’s signature “spiced” recipe. 

    “Captain Morgan has always been about spicing things up,” says Sam Salameh, vice-president of Captain Morgan, North America. “Rooted in our product truth, ‘spice’ is the unique flavor of our product and the ingredient that expanded the possibilities of rum. In our new North American brand platform and campaign, we’re evolving the focus on ‘spice’ to be the catalyst that expands the possibilities of fun – taking what is, and deciding it can be better, more interesting, more fun for all, by adding a little spice. We wanted this campaign to capture that Captain celebrates those who spice up any occasion and make things more interesting, more fun for all.”

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    Captain Morgan, the official spiced rum sponsor of the National Football League, premiered its new tagline and the pilot ad (the aforementioned spot featuring chilly LA Rams fans) for its North American marketing campaign on the NFL Network on October 9. An additional three spots, including the one showing a shot sliding across a bar, will premiere later this year. 

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