Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Ads of the Week: British Airways billboards take off and Match encourages self-love

    There’s also a 70s sci-fi-inspired Peta ad discouraging eating of Octopus and a 3D Call of Duty billboard ad to excite gamers in London.

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    This week, British Airways explores the reasons people travel with 500 unique print, digital and outdoor executions, while dating platform Match encourages people to love themselves before anyone else and Beavertown Brewery reimagines an eerie poem with a hand-drawn illustration ad just in time for Halloween.

    British Airways: A British Original by Uncommon

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    These billboards for British Airways explore the many different reasons that people travel, with each poster focused on an entirely unique message. 

    Match: Do You Until You Find Someone Worth Doing by ?Mojo Supermarket

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    Dating website Match has placed these billboards around Los Angeles and Brooklyn to encourage self-love.

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    Beavertown Brewery: Nautical Space Nightmare by Alice Bloomfield and Nick Dwyer


    Beavertown Brewery has reimagined Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s eerie poem Rime of The Ancient Mariner with a hand-drawn illustrated ad set in the briny depths of deep space.

    Peta: Beware the Octocurse by Grey London


    Peta parodies a retro sci-fi series from the 1970s in the hope of discouraging the eating of Octopus.

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II by Activision



    Activision has ramped up its Call of Duty marketing efforts with a 3D billboard ad in London to excite gamers before the full game launch on October 28.

    Trainline: I Came By Train by Mother London


    Trainline has partnered with singer-songwriter Craig David on an original track called Better Days with lyrics that raise awareness of the environmental benefits of rail.

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    Ad Council: We Can Talk About It by Droga5


    The Ad Council has released a relatable PSA to encourage young people to talk about their mental health. In partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Jed Foundation, the spot hopes to promote mental wellness while decreasing the risk and rate of suicide among youths.

    1Password: Supervisin’ Ryan by Maximum Effort



    Gone are the days when people need to remember their passwords for every website, according to this ad from Maximum Effort starring Ryan Reynolds. 

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    Stamma: It’s How We Talk by VMLY&R



    Stamma has launched a series of billboards and a poignant film with VMLY&R that captured people with a stammer mid-sentence, celebrating each moment while also calling out the damaging comments many have endured.

    Burger King: Burger Six, Going Dark by David New York



    Burger King is appealing directly to the stomachs of gamers with a Call of Duty-themed Whopper Meal as part of an immersive experience at selected restaurants.

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