Friday, December 2, 2022

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    Swedish pastille brand gives voice to ‘Makes People Talk’ slogan with rousing speech

    BBDO Nordics to go all-in with a comedic take on the traditional power speech for Lakerol.

    Swedish pastille brand Lakerol is subverting the motivational speech prevalent in Hollywood movie tropes as it looks to inspire increased candy consumption.

    Drawing from the likes of Mel Gibson’s rallying call to his men as William Wallace in 1995’s Braveheart as well as Russell Crowe’s 2000 turn as former Roman General Maximus in Gladiator, Lakerol gives voice to its ’Makes People Talk’ brand slogan.

    In use since 1993, the phrase has become an established part of the cultural landscape in Scandinavia, prompting BBDO Nordics to go all-in with a comedic take on the traditional power speech.

    Transferring this language from the big screen to everyday life, the campaign illustrates how a well-timed rousing speech can deliver desired change in the domestic environment as well as the battlefield, including convincing your friends that it would be a good idea to hit the town on a Friday night.

    This messaging is communicated via three short films produced by Business Club Royale. The Lakerol brand is owned by European confectionery giant Cloetta.



    Global marketing director: Katrine Bjerg Lauritzen

    Global media and advertising director: Suvi Numminen

    Global brand manager: Elin Johansson

    BBDO Nordics

    Creative director: Markus Bjurman

    Business director: Eddie Hernandez

    Art director: Isaac Bonnier

    Copywriter: Rasmus Tsardakas Renhuldt

    Project lead: Åsa von Yxkull

    Strategist: Christian Godden

    Graphic designers: Satany Doughouz, Susanne Åström

    Agency producer: Josephine Lundquist @ House Agency

    Business Club Royale

    Executive producer: Siamand Masoodian

    Director: Gustav Sundström

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