Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Drift launches features to support sales teams

    Amid market volatility, tightening budgets and widely observed burnout and turnover among sales organizations, conversation cloud platform Drift has announced four new features aimed at helping sales achieve pipeline goals.

    Data suggests that sales rep turnover is 30% or higher, while an estimated 90% of sales reps report burnout. Burnout may be attributed, in part at least, to the longer hours triggered by remote working.

    New features. Drift, which offers conversational support for marketing, sales and customer success through live chat, chatbots and personalization, is announcing the following new capabilities:

    • AI engagement score: This will provide sales reps with an algorithm-led metric estimating a prospect’s propensity to buy based on interactions with marketing and sales initiatives.
    • Live view: This gives sales reps real-time visibility into prospects interacting with the website, the ability to filter based on account priority, geography and other parameters, and the opportunity to open live conversations.
    • Mobile app parity: This is intended to make it easy for sales reps to sell from anywhere.
    • Sales real-time dashboard: This will provide an overview of team performance including conversation volume, team capacity, meetings booked and opportunities generated.

    Dig deeper: Drift extends offerings across the customer lifecycle

    Why we care. Pressure is growing on both marketing and sales teams to do more with less. As budgets tighten or remain flat, performance expectations remain high. It’s hard for any business teams to meet those expectations when faced by high turnover and the ongoing “great resignation.”

    In this environment, there’s a demand for tools that support performance and bring confidence and transparency to marketing and sales processes. That’s a demand Drift is seeking to meet here with enhancements to its Conversational Sales Cloud.

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