Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    TV Talks: One year on, how the Sky Glass marketing campaign evolved

    Sunny Bhurji, marketing director at Sky, joins John McCarthy on this week’s episode of TV Talks. They explore the launch of the revolutionary Glass streaming TV and how the campaign evolved throughout the following months. 

    As part of The Drum’s ramped-up TV coverage, media editor John McCarthy and TV reporter Hannah Bowler teamed up to launch a podcast series that takes a closer look at developments in the TV advertising space. Across the upcoming 10 episodes, we dig deeper into Netflix and Disney’s ad plans, the CTV measurement debate, and branded entertainment and product placement – as well as ask our favorite media buyers what they’re buying.

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    This episode, we explore how Sky launched Glass, and dig out the tactics that best helped it land with audiences. As the campaign progressed, Sky realized it had to get better at telling people this TV has Sky tech inside – something audiences apparently weren’t quite picking up on. 

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    “We realized people didn’t quite understand that we’d made a TV with all your Sky magic inside. This was a brand-new category. It wasn’t another set-top box and it wasn’t just a TV,” says Bhurji.

    Last week, Hannah caught up with Samsung Ads’ director of product marketing Minai Bui. And if you absolutely love the pod, our whole archive is available here.

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