Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Ad of the Day: Corona’s beer fridge only opens when your phone is dying

    Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Canadian creative collective ThinkingBox collaborate on ‘Corona Recharge’.

    It can be annoying when you’re out and about and realize your phone is running dangerously low on battery. With this in mind, Mexican lager brand Corona has created a fridge that turns the stress of a dying phone into a relaxing round of beers.

    ‘Corona Recharge’ is a collaboration between Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Canadian creative collective ThinkingBox, using a machine-learning model to recognize the various states and versions of common battery icons. When it detects a depleted battery, it automatically opens a fridge door with an electromagnet – it has to be 10% or less though.

    To highlight how the fridge actually works, the team has released a docu-style film of its debut at Deus Cafe in Milan, Italy.

    The campaign is running locally in Italy through social and digital media, while local delivery app Winelivery will offer a digital version of the Recharge experience throughout the rest of the country.

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