Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    Anatomy of an Ad podcast: Ogilvy’s Jules Chalkley on celebrating sex in later life

    In this week’s episode of The Drum’s Anatomy of an Ad podcast, Ogilvy UK’s chief executive creative director talks about sex and how he got older couples to open up on the importance of intimacy.

    Sex and intimacy in the later years of life are rarely spoken about, never mind shown in advertising, which was something the relationship charity Relate and Ogilvy UK set about tackling with their ‘Let’s Talk The Joy of Later Life Sex’ campaign.

    Ogilvy’s creative chief Jules Chalkley tells The Drum’s Anatomy of an Ad podcast: “We went on this amazing journey with Relate about how to talk to that audience in a way that is authentic, respectful, celebratory and joyous.”

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    He says early stages of the creative process included searching Google for intimate images of older generations, which produced practically nothing save the occasional porn video.

    “We set up the scope to populate that space with beautiful photographs,” he says, which meant the project needed the cheeky touch of renowned photographer Rankin. “He’s just so good at capturing the spirit of people – he was getting so much out of them.”

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    The result is a series of black and white photographs and a film that featured five older couples and one single woman in their most intimate settings talking openly about their relationships.

    “No one had to do anything they didn’t want to do. It’s just really about them expressing themselves and telling their stories.”

    To listen to the full interview and hear more about Relate’s campaign, tune in to this week’s installment of the Anatomy of an Ad podcast.

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