Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    Persado introduces new API to drive consumer behavior through words

    Persado, which uses AI to generate natural language with a persuasive edge, has announced the launch of its Motivation AI API, allowing marketers to integrate Persado directly into their other solutions.

    Having spent ten years using AI to generate text such as maximally effective email subject lines, Persado is currently leveraging a database of over 100 billion language impressions and 1.2 billion annual interactions with brands to automatically identify words and phrases likely to transform behavior in a given context.

    Why we care. Natural language generation through AI is not new, although its recently accelerated development has seen the space grow significantly. What Persado has been doing is adding a level of transformational impact to NLG by generating text with words and phrases that act as emotional drivers.

    In other words, rather than just automatically generating appropriate and relevant text, its mission is to generate text that will have a measurable impact on outcomes. It does this by analyzing a vast database of previous instances.

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