Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    Ad of the Day: Burberry follows ‘Open Spaces’ with equally beautiful ‘Night Creature’ film

    Following on from last year’s highly acclaimed ‘Open Spaces’ film, luxury fashion house Burberry has released the second installment of the dreamlike series.

    ‘Night Creatures’ is the creative vision of Riccardo Tisci and begins with a group of young people traveling on a London night bus (kitted out in recognizable plaid outfits, of course). As the bus abruptly stops, they become aware of people frantically running from something on the street outside.

    Curious, they head in the direction of what looks like a huge structure in the middle of the road, which seems to be pulling them in. As the alien/monster’s tentacles take hold of them, a beautiful dance ensues against the backdrop of London’s urban landscape. Bounding weightlessly through the city, the group eventually settles on water and drifts down the river Thames.

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    The campaign series takes inspiration from the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry, who wrote in his book Open Spaces: ”Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom.”


    Creative direction: Riccardo Tisci

    Creative idea and film direction: Megaforce  

    Starring: Xiaoyi Liu, Charlotte Samaroo, Joshua Smith and Ben Loader  

    Production: Riff Raff Films

    Choreography: (La)Horde 

    Styling: Ana Steiner

    Hair: Hiroshi Matsushita

    Make-up: Gemma Smith-Edhouse

    Director of photography: Justin Brown

    Music: Ryan Lott

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