Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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    Ad of the Day: mental impact on youth players ‘dropped’ by football clubs laid bare

    A harrowing short film from the non-profit organization Certified Sports details the impact of being dropped from a football club at a young age and the repercussions for players.

    In ‘Dropped’, viewers hear firsthand about the realities of mental health issues that are prevalent in youth football. The abrupt rejection during a time when kids are vulnerable can often result in feelings of inadequacy and have a long-lasting impact.

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    More than three-quarters of academy players are let go between the ages of 13 and 16 and often this happens with no warning and little support. To put it bluntly, just 0.012% of academy players will ever turn professional.

    Produced pro bono by House 337’s Rob Sanderson, the campaign is the brainchild of former Fulham FC academy player Max Noble, who was dropped at a young age after needing double knee surgery. With the project, it hopes that aftercare will be made a legal duty for all professional football academies


    Director: Robert Sanderson

    Cinematographer: Richard William Preisner

    Production: House337

    Producers: Kabir Malick, Max Noble, Robert Sanderson

    Executive producer: Melody Sylvester 

    Post producer: Kabir Malik @ Kabbage

    Editors: Rob Sanderson, Sam Hopkins

    Colour: Alexandre Nerzic @ Big Buoy

    Grade producer: Stacia Akaba @ Big Buoy

    Sound design and composition: Jack Rowley @ Octa Audio

    VFX: Brian Carbin and Joe West @ Stone Dogs

    Design: Andy Mcguigan

    Thanks: Sabrina May, Georgina Moxey, Ollie Campbell


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