Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    Inspirational Alan Partridge LinkedIn post doubles as ad for Audible

    Ever wondered how to make personal connections on Linkedin? Wondering why your inspirational posts aren’t getting the traction they so deserve?

    Noted broadcaster, podcaster and thoughtcaster Alan Partridge may have the solution to getting noticed on LinkedIn. Portrayed by Steve Coogen, the character is an inept broadcaster with a hugely inflated sense of celebrity (arguably not too dissimilar to some viral advice-givers LinkedIn has become synonymous with).

    In a lengthy note, Patridge takes to the networking site with a post stating: “A lot of people are surprised to hear I’m a keen advocate of LinkedIn. I’m seen very much as a people person – with good reason. When it comes to professional interaction, I like to do it man to man. A handshake after a game of squash. A clinked pint glass in a gastropub. Back slaps and big laughs through mouthfuls of steak and wine. To me, that’s business.”

    He then continues that LinkedIn users find “solace in what you might call virtual connections tappity-tap-tapping smartphone messages.”

    Noting that he has “grown fond” of each of his followers, Patridge proceeds to dish out nine top tips for making connections – one of which includes shaving your hands.

    Turns out, the post is an ad for audiobook company Audible to promote season two of the podcast From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast. 

    It’s not the first time that Audible has recruited the comedy character to help build its audience. Last year the brand won ‘Best Use of LinkedIn’ at The Drum Awards for Social Media.

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