Sunday, September 25, 2022

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    The Drum Network podcast: a deep dive into the evolution of e-commerce

    In the latest episode of The Drum Network Podcast, we turn our attention to the Evolution of E-commerce and zero in on the new and developing relationships between bricks-and-mortar and digital sales.

    How are physical stores making the most of developments from the world of e-commerce? What can digital sales journeys still learn from IRL? And what are the smart ways of merging the two?

    Those are just some of the questions we put to our panel this week, which is made up of George Gossland, social content producer at Favoured; Barry Fiske, senior vice-president of global experience and innovation at Merkle; and Grace Vassallo, senior marketing manager at Zappar.

    We’ll also be considering:

    • The most important e-commerce tools available to brands

    • How the smartest brands are opening the purchase funnel for consumers

    • What we should be most excited about in social commerce

    • And what’s next in e-commerce and marketing



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      For more on the Evolution of E-commerce, check out The Drum’s latest Deep Dive.

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