Thursday, September 29, 2022

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    Ad of the Day: SlimFast brings the 80s to the future in its first major campaign since 2019

    The popular weight loss brand indulges in nostalgia – while promoting its future-focused keto and intermittent fasting products. 

    SlimFast, the weight management brand, is taking a look back at how it’s evolved over the course of its nearly five-decade history in a playful new campaign.

    In one of the new spots, viewers see a woman travel back in time, where she intervenes in a SlimFast ad from the 80s to explain how the brand’s products have transformed. Now, SlimFast not only offers creamy shakes in a range of decadent flavors, but is designed to fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles and wellness trends like keto diets and intermittent fasting. “Is this a peanut butter cup?,” asks the woman from the 80s, incredulously. “Welcome to the future,” our protagonist retorts.

    The brand has in recent years invested big bucks in modernizing – which has involved expanding its product lines and brand strategy to speak to contemporary consumers. Within the last two years, SlimFast has debuted new lines of meal-replacement snacks and shakes designed specifically for keto dieters and intermittent fasters. 

    The new campaign – part of the brand’s ‘Deliciously Doable’ messaging platform – promotes SlimFast’s entire product suite, from its original blend to these newer offerings. 

    With two new spots – each of which have been cut into 10-, 15- and 30-second versions – the new campaign will run across TV, streaming, social and digital. It represents the brand’s first commercial work with SRG, a boutique Boulder, Colorado-based ad agency.

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