Monday, October 3, 2022

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    Novelty solar-powered billboard touts Heineken’s green credentials

    Heineken has unveiled a cool new addition to the streets of Rio de Janeiro in the form of a solar-powered billboard that promises to keep your beer cool.

    The Brazilian initiative is part of the brewer’s global green energy program, which has seen it transition to 100% renewable sources of energy for production.

    Now Heineken is going a step further by introducing renewable energy to 50% of partner bars and restaurants across 19 cities by 2030.

    Enter the solar panel/billboard crossover that Heineken plans to install at venues, with Rio’s famed Brewteco bar the first to benefit from the initiative. Portuguese text splashed on the solar collector informs drinkers of the good they are doing with each pint, starting: ‘This billboard is cooling your Heineken. Cheers.’

    Felipe Cury, chief creative officer of Le Pub Brazil, said: “Turning solar panels into billboards to communicate its green energy program is one more example of the ways we are innovating with the brand.”

    Further initiatives are under way to reinforce Heineken’s claim to sustainability, notably ‘Green Your City,’ which encourages responsible individuals to play their part by promoting nature, the circular economy and responsible consumption.

    The Brazilian billboard follows the launch of a London mural by White Claw, which incorporated chilled gel pads to enable passersby to cool off.

    Le Pub has piggybacked on the Heineken brand to open a series of offices across Latin America as part of an aggressive program of global expansion by parent company Publicis Groupe.


    Agency: Le Pub Brasil

    GM: Ana Hernandes

    Business director: Jayme Neto

    Business manager: Marina Roge

    Business assistant: Suellen Agatta

    Client services intern: Cássia Brandão

    Head of strategy: Silvia Paes

    Planning director: Sergio Tercarolli

    Strategy manager: Fernanda Tiozo

    Strategy analyst: Stephan Minucci

    Strategy supervisor: Thais Lopes

    Data strategy manager: Vinicius Machado

    Content strategist: Endrigo Chiri

    Senior community manager: Karina Silva

    Content supervisor: Hirai Fujisaka

    Chief creative officer: Felipe Cury

    Creative directors: Greg Kickow and Alex Adati

    Art director: Paula Picin

    Junior art director: Ana Carolina Miranda

    Copywriters: Eduardo Cometi and Andressa Cruz

    Project leader: Denise Frasseto

    Senior project manager: Daniela Menezes

    Broadcast producer: Carolina Godoy

    Media manager: Jussara Bezerra

    Media supervisor: Gabriela Pereira

    Media coordinator: Carla Tassi

    Media operation supervisor: Fernando Brito

    Production: Be180

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