Thursday, September 29, 2022

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    SodaStream unveils rebrand, products and ‘Push for good’ tagline

    The at-home soda machine brand has undergone a refreshing rebrand and a new tier of elevated, effervescent products. 

    SodaStream, the PepsiCo-owned maker of soda-making machines, has a new look, new ‘Push for good’ tagline and a swanky new product tier.

    The full rebrand follows several consumer trends, notably a growing interest in mixology and making sparkling water at home, as well as approachable premium products in the food and beverage sector, according to a 2022 consumer trends study from Kantar.

    Push for good is inspired by the action one takes when pushing the SodaStream sparkling water maker button, which reduces the amount of canned sparkling beverages purchased and thus the carbon footprint of consumers. The brand’s new logo consists of two interlocking water droplets arranged in a yin and yang formation – emulating both balance and harmony as well as the planet – which form an ‘S’ for SodaStream. The brand’s new color palette also echoes its dedication to sustainability, its primary colors comprising fresh blue, deep blue and sand.

    “SodaStream is on a mission to empower people to make better choices for themselves and for the planet. At the heart of our repositioning is the realization that every action has a much bigger reaction. Everything we do is a call to ‘Push for better,’” said Karin Schifter-Maor, global chief marketing officer of SodaStream. “Our consumer-centric strategy, combined with our digital transformation, enables us to evolve with our customers and provide them with the relevant value that supports an upgraded lifestyle. Together we push for better.”

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    In tandem with the rebrand, SodaStream is also revealing ‘SodaStream Collection,’ a new premium product tier that represents its advanced and designed product range. ‘SodaStream Collection’ offers elevated experiences through superior innovation, quality and design. The Collection range will consist of SodaStream’s new sparkling water makers – the Art and the Duo – and will also include future innovations created by globally-renowned designers.

    SodaStream collaborated with London-based agency Pearl Fisher on its new brand identity as well as Eitan Cohen, creative advisor to SodaStream. Its new brand identity is now live throughout SodaStream’s websites, social media channels and other platforms, while the new product packaging is slated to roll out in 2023 to its 47 global markets.

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