Sunday, September 25, 2022

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    Ad of the Day: Quirky Samsung spot squarely targets smartphone traditionalists

    Samsung is opening the eyes of consumers to recent smartphone innovations by venturing out of the fold with a new marketing campaign illustrating how mobiles continue to evolve.

    ‘Join the Flip Side’ features a new breed of foldable phones, which shatter preconceptions of stalled innovation to challenge expectations around form and design.

    Developed with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the campaign plays seeks to encourage consumers to forsake comfort with the status quo and embrace the unknown of an unquantified and unproven alternative.

    Presenting the phone as one way to get ahead of your friends in the tech sphere, the film focuses on one woman who is so bewitched by her friend’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 that the everyday folds in the world around her acquire new meaning.

    Ramona Todoca and Ed Olhagaray, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam creative directors, said: “Creatively, we’ve embraced the people who proudly say they’d ‘never switch to Samsung,’ making them feel seen and understood on the emotional journey of switching. Instead of selling them on the latest innovation, we use something that happens in real life to plant the seed of doubt, then watch it grow... and multiply.”

    The campaign has rolled out across the US and Europe.

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