Monday, October 3, 2022

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    Quorn ambushes ‘No 10’ with porkies stunt as outgoing PM trots off

    Meat substitute brand Quorn has given Boris Johnson a roasting after rolling up to ‘10 Downing Street’ to castigate the outgoing prime minister for making a pig’s ear of the partygate scandal and his other faux pas.

    A bright orange sandwich truck was seen parked outside what looked like the famous black door bearing a ‘no more porkies’ sign, as a delivery man dropped off ‘pork-free’ ham sandwiches for a farewell luncheon.

    Muscling in on the news agenda, Quorn is making fun of the political dysfunction while simultaneously promoting its meat-free produce by distributing meat-free sandwiches to passing Londoners.

    The PR stunt follows a series of scandals endured by Johnson during his time in office, culminating in his forced resignation on July 7 amid accusations of misleading the House of Commons and Parliament.

    The campaign was overseen by Taylor Herring, with support from Ponderosa on social.

    Quorn has previously taken to the BBC to encourage chefs to embrace meat-free recipes in cookery shows.

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