Thursday, October 6, 2022

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    Hide The Pain Harold realizes cause of strained face in antacid ad

    Hide the Pain Harold (aka András Arató) is using his famous face to front a new ad for Brazilian antacid brand Eno.

    In ‘Cara de Azia’ (‘Heartburn Face’), viewers see Arató emphasize that he always thought he had a normal face, but when it became a famous meme he desperately tried to change it to no avail.

    One day, on the set of a modeling shoot as his alias ‘Harold,’ Arató notices one of the technicians is making a face similar to his own due to heartburn. In a lightbulb moment, he realizes that perhaps acid reflux has been the source of his strained face all these years.

    The campaign was created by Publicis Leon. Creative directors Laura Azevedo and Ricardo Schreier said: “To have one of the biggest memes in the world in our campaign combines work and fun. The ’Cara de Azia’ campaign is not only a relief for Harold, but also for consumers. Talking about heartburn doesn’t have to be boring.”

    It’s not the first time Hide The Pain Harold has popped up in an ad. Last month, The Drum spoke to the star himself about his life, work and how he really feels about being a meme.

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