Monday, September 26, 2022

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    How A+E Networks is targeting true crime fanatics with dedicated streaming service

    On Monday (September 5), A+E Networks EMEA is to launch a true crime streaming platform. We find out how it is putting performance marketing at the heart of its promotional strategy.

    A+E Networks has spun out its linear Crime + Investigation channel into a subscription streaming proposition. With a loyal 35-55-year-old female fan base, A+E Networks is planning on luring in younger audiences by positioning itself as the world’s first dedicated true crime streaming service.

    Marketing itself with the strapline ’Truth is Worth Pursuing’, the service will initially be made available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, TV IOS and mobile Android.

    The channel will host over 1,000 hours of original content and acquired imports from the US with shows like Secrets of Playboy, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein and Homicide Hunter.

    “Crime + Investigation really tunes into that zeitgeist and people can’t get enough of it,” says Julie Mitchelmore, vice-president of digital at A+E Networks.

    “For us, it was about making sure that content is accessible to other audiences. Not everyone has pay TV at home and we needed to give those true crime fanatics somewhere to go to binge on all this amazing true crime content.”

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    To net those new audiences, A+E Networks has appointed Precis as its performance marketing agency to execute its hyper-targeted campaign. A+E Networks’ vice-president of marketing and communications, Kelli Peter, says she hired Precis to build a brand attribution model to acquire subscribers.

    “We aren’t necessarily competing with other streaming services out there, we are a niche proposition,” she says. “So, one of the things we are trying to do is be very targeted about who we are going after – it’s all about interest groups and not demos.”

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    Peter identified YouTube and podcasts as two places A+E knows where to find true crime addicts. As such, it has tied with podcast platform Acast to promote the service.

    Mitchelmore says C+I Play is the “beginning” of A+E Networks’ plans to spin out its other channels, such as Sky History and Blaze, into individual subscription streamers. “We will absolutely start planning that once we’ve recovered from this launch,” she says. 

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