Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    Podcast: what are the web3 opportunities for marketers?

    On this week's episode, our senior reporter Chris Sutcliffe hears from three web3 experts about the opportunities for brands from the next iteration of the internet. From a shift of power from platform to user, or the ability to create communities, to the lessons we can learn from gaming communities that have pioneered web3 techniques, this podcast gives a comprehensive overview of web3 for brands.

    Sutcliffe is joined by McDonald Predelus, VP creative director of Web3 at VMLY&R Commerce; Tom Holt, lead technology strategist for UNRVLD; and Margaret Manning, non-exec board director at Reading Room.

    <iframe src="https://embed.acast.com/62e90c0361c5da0012f76880/6308afeca4ee6a0012f9c2bf" frameBorder="0" width="100%" height="190px"></iframe>

    Like 'metaverse', 'web3' is a box of dreams into which we throw all sorts of ambitions for where the internet might be heading next. Those dreams cluster around ideas of decentralization, enabled by the blockchain and associated technologies. Are we getting close to that reality, or does it remain a dream? We'll look at where we are now, and - cutting through the hype - what might actually be next:

    • What do we mean when we talk about 'web3' for marketers? Which of the underlying tech is most relevant to marketers?
    • Is it beholden on marketers to educate brand partners about what is - and isn't - possible for web3?
    • Which verticals and sectors are best placed to take advantage of the move to web3 marketing?
    • Should we be sceptical about claims of web3 being transformational?
    • What are you most excited about when it comes to web3 for marketers?

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