Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Latest Posts introduces CTV reach for linear TV advertisers

    Today, announced a new capability for linear TV advertisers using its advertising automation platform, which provides brands, agencies and media companies with 100% incremental reach for CTV households.

    The platform includes workflow software and programmatic advertising solutions to execute and manage campaigns across CTV, mobile, web display and other media types.

    The offering follows other moves in adtech to bring together linear TV and CTV measurement and execution, including the acquisition earlier this year of TVSquared by Innovid.

    What this means for marketers. Advertisers launching linear TV campaigns can eliminate duplicating ads in households that have linear and CTV subscriptions, while also extending reach into streaming-only houses that are no longer included in linear TV-only campaigns.

    The new capability adds linear TV to the other channels to streamline the media planning process, making it easier to optimize campaigns and report on campaign performance.

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    Why we care. Linear TV spend in the U.S. was still around $40 billion in 2021. Although there has been a steady decline, it’s still a big market for advertisers and publishers. And bridging this ecosphere with digital TV is a big enough problem for adtech to see an opportunity and provide a solution.

    Marketers and their adtech partners need an always-on approach so linear TV households can be covered and measured alongside streaming-only cord cutters and hybrid “cord-shaving” households that have both. The transition isn’t from one medium to another, it’s a transition into a dynamic media environment with new channels and trends like the rapidly growing ad-supported streaming landscape.

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