Sunday, September 25, 2022

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    Meta tells story of East African cyclists to promote metaverse

    Facebook’s parent company Meta has released a campaign that shines a light on cyclists and promotes its move into immersive experiences.

    It’s the second ad from Meta that specifically highlights the organization’s metaverse push, which it says has the ‘potential to break down barriers universally’.

    In ‘Amani’, viewers see 12 young African cyclists who dream about one day competing in the Tour de France. Throughout the film, each of the athletes uses tech to enhance their journey and connect with one another.

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    The film was directed by Aus Taylor and Marleauex Desiré of Illimité World, alongside Daniel Wolfe who also produced Meta’s award-winning and Emmy-nominated film ‘Skate Ghana Nation’.


    Agency: Droga5 NY

    Creative chairman: David Droga

    Chief creative officer: Scott Bell

    Executive creative director: Thom Glover

    Creative director: Ted Meyer

    Creative director: Jason Gold

    Senior copywriter: Ben Brown

    Senior copywriter: Benjamin Hinamanu

    Senior art director: Ben Muckensturm

    Executive design director: Nate Scott

    Group design director: Mark Yoon

    Designer: Kenisha Rullan

    Executive producer: Mike Hasinoff

    Senior producer: Scotty Schuckies

    Producer: Mel Calabro

    Associate producer: Matt Mintz

    Senior music supervisor: Mike Ladman

    Music supervisor: Brandy Ricker

    Junior music supervisor: Mara Techam

    Director of business affairs: Dan Simonetti

    Senior business affairs manager: Ramona Seunath, Jeannie Curcio, Sharee Manning

    Senior traffic manager: Wendy Kaplan

    Talent manager: May Chee

    Chief brand strategy officer: Harry Román-Torres

    Group brand strategy director: Diana Gonzalez

    Brand strategy director: Anthony Perez

    Senior brand strategist: Ellie Frame

    Associate brand strategist: Mariel Calara

    Group comms strategy director: Jonathan Daly

    Comms strategy director: Ashley Branch

    Comms strategist: Russell Harris

    Chief knowledge officer: Andy Littlewood

    Senior data strategist: Sean La’Brooy

    Co-head of account management: Jessica Kingsbery

    Account director: Gabrielle Barbuto

    Account supervisor: Roxy Alberts

    Account manager: Caitlin Carr

    Group project manager: Christine DiStasio

    Client: Meta

    Cheief marketing officer:  Alex Schultz

    Vice president global company marketing: Andrew Stirk

    Director, Meta marketing: Vivienne Walsh

    Vice-president marketing insights: Rick Malins

    Head of creative: Tom Markham

    Brand marketing director: Jasmine Summerset-Karcie

    Brand marketing manager: Lauren Kyriacou, Reid Prichard, Katie Secrest, Maggie Petros

    Brand strategy director: Amber Higgins

    Brand strategist: Ally Chapman

    Brand marketing insights: Nikki Rand

    Director of program management: Jenn Cook

    Head of design: Zach Stubenvoll

    Creative director, design: Maria Wan

    Production strategist: Julian Katz

    Brand communications: Monica Ma

    Director of strategic media planning: Radhika Narang

    Strategic media planning: Danielle Nichols, Nick Mejia

    Production company: Love Song

    Director: IllimitéWorld

    Partner/executive producer: Daniel Wolfe

    Director of photography: Diego Garcia, Shawn Peters

    Managing partner/executive producer: Kelly Bayett

    Executive producer: Deannie O’Neil

    Head of production: Paige Kauffman

    Producer: Leah Donnenberg

    1st assistant director: Alejandro Ramia, Kristina Ilyina

    Stylist: Bee Diamondhead

    Producer designer: Andrew Clark

    Directors’ assistant: Louis McCourt, Ja’Lisa Arnold, Ellen Nielsen

    Production service company (Kenya): Blue Sky Films

    Executive producer: Hemal Shah

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