Sunday, September 25, 2022

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    Woman gives birth at roadside in dramatic Vodafone ad

    Vodafone is aiming to highlight the reliability of its network with an emotional ad that sees a woman give birth at the side of a road.

    ‘Reliability’ opens with loud ambulance sirens and cuts to a frantic scene of a woman quite far into her labor. As the paramedics rush to her side, viewers see one call the hospital labor ward and get talked through the birthing process. Highlighting the dependability of the network, the midwife is able to stay on the phone and the baby is born.

    “Reliability is naturally super important to our customers,” said Maria Maria Koutsoudakis, brand and marketing director at Vodafone. “We wanted to find a way to bring this to life; a story people could connect with emotionally, rather than simply a rational claim.

    “With 77% of emergency services having connectivity contracts with Vodafone, we felt this was a perfect platform to not only showcase our network reliability message but also showcase the amazing job they do for us.”

    The campaign will run across TV, cinema and social media, launching this weekend on Channel 4.

    Justin Cox, managing director of Team Vodafone at Ogilvy UK, added: “Trust in a mobile network is paramount. We wanted to capture the importance of how Vodafone’s reliable network can help emergency staff stay cool, calm and connected at all times. During production, we collaborated with paramedics and midwives to ensure medical accuracy throughout our story.”


    Executive creative director: Nicholas Wittenberg 

    Senior creatives: Adam Ronan, Alex Tizard 

    Producer: Kim Parrett 

    Assistant producer: Veronika Dvorska 

    Managing director team Vodafone: Justin Cox 

    Business director: Lucy Nebel 

    Strategy director: Rob Sandford 

    Senior project manager: Sammy Kennard 

    Account manager: Maddie McCarthy 

    Account executive: Caitlin Haine 

    Director: Nicolas Jack Davies?????? 

    Production company: The Sweetshop 

    Editor: Owen O'Sullivan 


    Post Production

    Color: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat 

    Online: Eileen Chan @ GPS 

    Audio: Phil Bolland @ Factory 

    Agency: Ogilvy UK 

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