Monday, September 26, 2022

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    Mediaocean ups personalized CTV ad capability with Imposium acquisition

    Advertising platform Mediaocean has bolstered its personalized video technology capabilities with the acquisition of Imposium, having been won over by its advanced video rendering capabilities.

    The groundwork for the agreement was laid when Imposium tech was integrated to support Flashtalking’s Lightning Renderer, a personalized video creation tool for the ad management platform. The novel tech permits videos to be generated in real-time to present consumers with messages tailored to their interests.

    The takeover will permit Mediaocean to bring this personalization potential fully in-house for connected TV, social and digital video, bringing Imposium’s advanced toolkit to a broader audience of international brands and agencies, including linear TV advertisers.

    Mediaocean president John Nardone said: “While Mediaocean continues to invest in new capabilities for delivery and measurement in the CTV video space, we are also deeply committed to advancing creative production and creative management capabilities as well. This acquisition of Imposium, the recent acquisition of Drishyam AI and our expansion into new outlets for video entertainment content such as TikTok are all investments to support this future creative infrastructure.”
    Jason Nickel, chief executive officer of Imposium, added: “We partnered with Flashtalking to incorporate our real-time video rendering capabilities and the resulting impact was dramatic enough that they wanted to bring the technology fully in-house. Imposium’s technology enables scalable delivery – we can generate a million unique videos a day if necessary – and our creative mandate has been to enable the marriage of storytelling and programmatic automation in a way that can amplify rather than detract from the brand storyline.”   

    Mediaocean recently acquired Drishyam AI and has been named a badged marketing partner for TikTok as it drives the creation and management of immersive video ad experiences based on automated content generation.

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