Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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    Twitter and Opendorse help student athletes monetize game footage

    Twitter and Opendorse will soon enable college football players nationwide to make money from their game highlights.

    Twitter and athlete endorsement tech company Opendorse have today announced plans to help student athletes to monetize in-game highlights shared on Twitter.

    Twitter Amplify, the platform’s ad tool, will run pre-roll advertising from brands on the athlete’s video content. This will mark the first time that , which will compensate participating student athletes will be compensated in such a way.

    Twitter and Opendorse first joined forces last June, which made Twitter the first social platform to announce plans for NIL compensation. Shorthand for “name, age and likeness,” NIL refers to the 2021 NCAA v Alston United States Supreme Court case, which ruled that NCAA student athletes could earn compensation via brand deals, based on their names, images and likeness (NIL).

    “Twitter has always been and will continue to act as the megaphone for athletes to use their voice,” senior partner manager at Twitter Sports David Herman said in a statement. “Now they can leverage their most impactful moments on the field to earn meaningful NIL compensation. We’re thrilled to roll this program out with PAC-12 football and look forward to expanding it to sports and conferences across the country.”

    The first group to reap the benefits of the program is PAC-12’s players, who will be able to share and monetize post-game video provided by tech company Tempus Ex Machina through the 2022-2023 college football season.

    “We’ve long imagined a world where athletes have instant access to the moments they create inside the lines of their sport,” said Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence in a statement. “NIL and Twitter Amplify tools take this concept to the next level. Now, athletes can share and monetize their moments in real time. This is the future of athlete-driven marketing.”

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