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Social media has become the number one channel through which consumers discover products and services. Given how much time consumers spend on various social media platforms, it’s no surprise that media companies are striving to translate commerce strategies into the social space. 

Social platforms are building a shopping experience through touchpoints such as instant buying via live shopping and conversational moments through DTC channels. These experiences are driving on-demand calls to action and offer a convenience-first approach to customer engagement. With this space booming, it’s crucial that the industry responds to this consumer-driven demand. 

To help brands understand how to integrate social commerce solutions, this tactical guide unpacks how four brands identified the right solutions for them. Each example is packed with tips on delivering an exceptional social shopping experience that drives business outcomes and improves the customer experience. 

Download this new report from Meta to learn:

  • How collaboration with online retailers is allowing brands to capture the always-on shopper
  • Why brands are crafting smoother purchase experiences on social media platforms 
  • How creators are helping brands engage with hard-to-reach audiences on traditional digital channels
  • How conversational and social commerce are shaping the future of how consumers shop

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