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Ad Age Agency Report is an annual ranking and analysis of advertising and marketing-services agencies. The report includes rankings based on U.S. and worldwide revenue. We have published Ad Age Agency Report every year since 1945.

We published Ad Age Agency Report 2022 on April 25, 2022.

A portion of the report appeared in Ad Age's April 25, 2022, print edition. Ad Age Datacenter subscribers have exclusive access to the complete report online. Exclusive online content includes:

  • Agency Family Trees 2022, a database of the world's 25 largest agency companies with profiles, agency holdings, financial facts and links to related content.
  • Expanded rankings of agencies by discipline, downloadable in Excel.
  • Fast facts and figures on more than 300 agencies and networks.

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Analysis: How agency revenue growth soared—and what it means for the industry
U.S. agency revenue in 2021 grew at its fastest pace since 2000 as agencies showed resilience and relevance amid a marketing revolution.
By Bradley Johnson

Think you know agency-speak? Take our transformational quiz
Truth well trolled: Trippin’ on a transformation journey.
By Bradley Johnson

Summary charts

Revenue growth
Revenue growth by discipline. Organic growth by agency company. Digital’s share of agency revenue. Agency growth over time.

Biggest networks and companies
World’s 25 largest agency companies. World’s 25 largest agency networks.

Agency discipline rankings
Biggest agencies by discipline including digital, media and ad agencies.

Agency employment
Ad agency and PR agency employment. Job growth at major agency companies.

Deeper rankings

Agency rankings in Excel with links to Agency Family Trees 2022 database. The Excel sheet includes tabs with rankings for:

Agency companies

  • World's 25 largest agency companies

Consolidated agency networks

  • World's 25 largest consolidated agency networks

Ad agency services networks

  • World's 10 largest ad agency services networks
  • 25 largest U.S. ad agency services networks

CRM/direct marketing networks

  • World's 10 largest CRM/direct marketing networks
  • 15 largest U.S. CRM/direct marketing networks


  • World's 15 largest digital networks
  • 15 largest U.S. digital networks

Experiential/event marketing networks

  • 15 largest U.S. experiential/event marketing networks

Health care agency networks

  • 25 largest U.S. health care agency networks


  • World's five largest media network groups
  • World's 15 largest media agency networks
  • 15 largest U.S. media agency networks


  • 25 largest U.S. promotion agency networks

Public relations

  • World's 10 largest public relations agency networks
  • 25 largest U.S. public relations agency networks

Largest U.S. agencies from all disciplines

U.S. agencies A to Z: Fast facts, top executives and links to agency websites.

About Agency Report, archive, more information

About Agency Report 2022 including methodology.

Agency Report archive: 1998 to present.

Agency Report Questionnaires
Ad Age's Agency Report Questionnaires are available here. If your agency missed the deadline for Agency Report 2022, fill out the questionnaire and email it to We'll add you to our database. Questionnaires for the spring 2023 report will be available here in January 2023.

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