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Given its privacy-oriented, opt-in nature, email is entering the spotlight as a tool for publishers to directly communicate with their readers and own more of the traffic that goes to their sites. As with all channels in the marketing mix, however, customers have expectations when it comes to personalization, context and relevance

However, given the increasing availability of utilizable, first-party data combined with advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, publishers are empowered to deliver personalization beyond a simple salutation to better serve their readers, drive loyalty and optimize the email newsletter as prime real estate for monetization.  

To highlight the ways in which publishers are currently using personalization in email and how they plan to evolve their strategies, Digiday and Jeeng surveyed nearly 90 publisher representatives. This report delves into the results, and in conjunction with expert insights, provides an overview of the changing role of email personalization for publishers and how companies are adapting accordingly.

Download this new report to learn: 

  • How personalization is evolving for publishers
  • How publishers are approaching personalization challenges
  • What outcomes are achieved with an optimized personalization strategy
  • Where personalization is heading in 2022 and beyond

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